Boy from the Moor on Instagram

If you are an Instagram user and enjoy following the stories of the Boy from the Moor, you might be interested in the touching story that lies behind this exquisite Chinese music box, bought in Aden as a gift by Peter Balkwill, the eponymous Boy from the Moor. There are other posts on the site … Continue reading Boy from the Moor on Instagram


If you are looking for something interesting to read in isolation, I will be doing a mail out of orders for my recently published book next week (i.e. the week beginning Tuesday 14 April, following the Easter weekend). As a nod to the economy of these Covid-19 times, I have reduced the price from £16.99 … Continue reading A GOOD READ

2020: the year of Boy from the Moor,the book

  The logical conclusion to Boy from the Moor, the blog was the publication of Boy from the Moor, the book. This came about as a result of discussions with committee members of the London-based British-Yemeni Society, who were charting the year-long course of the blog as I published my monthly posts between June 2017 and June, 2018. The B-YS, along … Continue reading 2020: the year of Boy from the Moor,the book